Gardens, houseplants, fruit, vegetables and lawns will thrive with the use of Mandarin HomeEdge.


Benefits on garden

  • Solve calcium, lime, rust, iron, iron bacteria & hard water
  • Reduces irrigation requirements between 20%-30%
  • Reduces energy requirements by 12.5% to 16.9%
  • Higher germination rates and uniformity
  • Improves plant vigor and crop yield
  • Reduces chemical use by 10-50%
  • Improves turf density and color
  • Improves water flow Improves soil health
  • Eliminate the need for salts or potassium to soften your home’s water with Mandarin HomeEdge

Hydroponic Garden Benefits

  • Reduce water consumption by 20%
  • Improves soil penetration and moisture retention for healthy soils
  • Increases plant vigor and disease resistance
  • Better quality home-grown produce
  • Reduces fertilizer and pesticides Increases turf uniformity
  • Balances soil pH

Experience the Pleasure of greener turf and more smell flowers by the structured Water using our famous Mandarin HomeEdge, While Nature’s WaysTend the Water.
24 Months Money Back Guarantee.

Soil improves dramatically

Soil will improve and become more capable of supporting plant growth. In addition, the soil will become more efficient in delivering nutrients to your plants, and plants will become more capable of absorbing nutrients from the soil.

Soil will also become more capable of holding humidity (water). After about 1-3 months, the amount of water needed for irrigation will gradually reduce by 20%-50%. This is especially important for those in areas susceptible to draught and/or water restrictions. A golf course in France measured a reduction of irrigation water of 30% on one fairway, which was equipped with a 2 inch diameter Mandarin HomeEdge. They also reported that this fairway was in a better condition, than any of the others despite the 30% less water.

Quality of plants improve

The stems of plants will become stronger and thicker, flowers and leaves will also become larger. The quality and quantity of flowers, fruits and vegetables will greatly improve and stay fresher for longer.

Trees have responded to structured Water by growing faster and stronger.


fractal water

Mandarin HomeEdge's Devices typically pay for themselves within one 6 months, often with health profit, quickly returning your cost of saving medecinecost. We guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year money back guarantee. Then, year after year, they deliver increased returns by improving production and yield. Proudly designed and sourced in Netherlands as the leader in chemical-free water softening since 2007.