Clean, natural water is one of the most essential, fundamental element for human beings, animals, plants and our eco system alike.

Structured water is soft, energized, with original detached molecular structure, balanced pH, less surface tension, neutralized toxins and free of memory. Rain water is considered as the purest form of water as it is refreshed, energized by the natural action prevalent in the atmosphere. In nature the factors like sun rays, swirling motion of the wind and the electric charge of lightening work together to realign the molecular structure of rain water thus making it more efficient for absorption in plants, animals and human beings. Other forms of structured water are fresh spring water, river water, water from waterfalls.

In structured water the water molecules are arranged in an ordered, consistent, geometrical pattern, similar to solid crystals. Therefore we can refer to structured water as crystalline water.

Water: A Liquid Crystal

Since we are talking about a liquid crystal the molecules are not fixed in a certain position. Molecules move freely jumping in and out of water clusters, always keeping a perfect geometrical array or pattern. The H2O molecules come together into what we see as hexagonal shapes in 2D, with a tetrahedral arrangement of the molecules in 3D. They create a perfectly ordered liquid water molecule matrix.

The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, it's the way those atoms are put together

~ Dr. Carl Sagan, world renowned astrophysicist

Water is not the simple glass of liquid we were taught in school, some random arrangement of hydrogen and oxygen (called "bulk" water by scientists). Rather, water has the amazing ability to arrange its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating, geometric formations - just like a crystal (thus, it is called ordered, or structured, water by scientists). Why does this matter? Because we are not made of random, "bulk" water - we are made of ordered, structured water, which are nearly two completely different substances, with different properties and different actions. And since 99% of our molecules (by count) are structured water, it suddenly becomes critically important if we are to understand ourselves at all.

Water, as we know it, that hydrogen-bonded bulk liquid…may not exist within cells.

Martina Havenith, Chair of Physical Chemistry, Ruhur University, Germany

So what is a liquid crystal?

Think of a water's liquid crystal like a perfectly orchestrated "school of molecular fish". It has molecules, or groups of hydrogen and oxygen, that are arranged in ordered, repeating, geometric patterns - just like a solid crystal such as ruby, quartz, or diamond. But unlike a solid crystal, its molecule pattern is fluid and flexible, capable of change. And just like that perfectly orchestrated school of fish, these molecules can break apart and reform new patterns in fractions of an instant.

Crystal Structure (Repeating Arrangement)

In a solid crystal, the structure or pattern of molecule and atom arrangement determines it's properties. It is the reason that ruby was able to be used to create the original lasers - because it's certain pattern of organization gave it different properties, namely the ability to cohere light into one laser-like band. Or the reason that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth - because its pattern of organization gives it the strongest structural integrity of any substance on the planet. In crystals, both solid andliquid, and really all of Life, pattern and structure is everything.

What does this all mean for Water?

Everything. As it turns out, the Water in our body - which accounts for over 99% of our molecules, (by count not weight) - is highly structured, meaning its molecules of hydrogen and oxygen are arranged in complex crystallographic patterns…at least, it is in healthy cells. Thanks to the development of NMR technology (Nuclear Resonance Imaging - think MRI scans in hospitals, only NMRI), scientists have been able to compare the arrangement of water in different cells. What they found was astonishing - water in healthy cells remains crystallographic, true to it's liquid crystal nature, while water in aging, diseased, or otherwise unhealthy cells, becomes more like "bulk water"- the broken, misshapen forms of random arrangements of hydrogen and oxygen. And since Water is a liquid crystal, it means it can reorganize its structure in response to new information. Thanks to the work of countless scientists, researchers, and Nobel Laureates, we now know that it does restructure itself in response to new information - all the time. Water, in its flexible and changeable arrangement, rearranges it's structure in response to virtually all types of energy, and it does so constantly - like an ever updating network, every trillionth of a second.

Photographic researchers like Masaru Emoto, Laurent Costa, Konstantin Korotkov, and others have demonstrated the change in ice crystal formation from water exposed to different energies - whether positive or negative emotion, music, intention, language, light and colors, etc. And now we know the science of just how water is able to do such amazing things - how and why it has the ability to create beautiful snowflakes from thoughts of love and prayer, or have its crystals completely broken down into misshapen blobs and broken symmetries from negative thoughts, or even computer and cell phone radiations. Perhaps more importantly, we also finally now know the connection between water, consciousness, and health - and how it is that water that truly integrates and connects our mind, body, and spirit, into one individual Self - serving as the storehouse of our consciousness, and the interface between consciousness and energy to the physical body. It is how thoughts affect our health, and how negativity and stress can cause drastic physical changes - through the breakdown in our body's waters - also called our bio-waters.

The structure of our water is vitally important to our health, and it may even be the only thing that really matters. Once we start to look into how the water in our body affects our DNA, proteins and enzymes, and cellular communication, it really becomes apparent that it truly is all about our Water. And it turns out that not only is our health dependent upon the liquid crystal nature of our water, so is our consciousness - our thoughts, perceptions, and judgements - and, according to virtually all of our ancient texts from every tradition around the world, our spirit - our experience of a relationship with God, spirituality, or Divine nature - is also dependent on our water system.

And it's all because of one simple, amazingly complex liquid crystal called Water. The research is astounding, and what it reveals about our health, our consciousness, and even our Universe, will change your life forever. So dive in! Get the book Water Codes, and explore this site to learn more about the incredible reality of structured water. We've made the most revolutionary discoveries about water in the world - so you can learn the truth!

What we have found in our laboratory is that the energy of mind projected through a crystal will structure water just like it was frozen into ice. The remarkable and unique differentiation is that water, when it is structured with mind and with thought, remains fluid but structured, that type of category is called a liquid crystal, a mesophase, a mesomorphic transition.

Dr. Marcel Vogel, world renowned crystallographer, scientist, inventor