Soil health is your foundation.

Wash salts by 300-400%, balance pH and eliminate wetting agents for soil health.

Mandarin Vortex stimulates a healthy and nutrient-rich environment by encouraging mellower soils with structured water. Structured water improves soil health with improved permeability and water-holding capacity, washes out salts by 300-400%, balances calcium to magnesium ratios, and eliminates surface run-off, puddling and evapotranspiration. Mandarin Vortex reduces salt adsoption ratios (SAR’s) up to 50%, reduces salt buildup in soils, and promotes uniform soil infiltration and moisture retention for a healthy soil foundation and 20-30% water savings.

Improved Soil Permeability and Moisture Retention

Soil improvement begins with permeability. Water becomes degassed in the process of being magnetized and this degassing increases soil permeability, which creates an increase in irrigation efficiency (Bogatin et al., 1999). In addition to soil permeability and improved soil health, structured water interacts with the structural calcium in cell membranes, making the cells more permeable. The reduced surface tension observed in structured water results in better infiltration of water and a reduction in water and chemical use. (Goldsworthy et al., 1999)

PureSense® data reflects increased soil permeability and moisture retention in problematic, salty soils at 12 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches deep over a 7-day observation period. Improved soil moisture increased at every depth, which was never achieved prior to installing Magnation system according to customer.

Soil Desalinazation

Mandarin Vortex's treatment of saline irrigation water can be used as an effective method for soil desalinization. The application of a magnetic field on water decreases the hydration of salt ions and colloids, having a positive effect on salt solubility, accelerated coagulation and salt crystallization. Field experiments showed that, sandy loam soil pots irrigated with normal highly saline water of an electrical conductivity value of 8.2 mmohs/cm retained salts compared to pots irrigated with magnetized saline water. The study showed that structured water increased leaching of excess soluble salts, lowered soil alkalinity and dissolved slightly soluble salts (Hilal and Hilal, 2000).

Eliminate Wetting Agents

251% higher soil moisture and 216% bigger roots with zero wetting agents

Brian Prine has been Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation in Bakersfield, California since 2005. Brian oversees the irrigation of six different campuses in this region. State requirements forced him to cut his watering time from 6 days a week to 3 days a week.

“I could use a ‘liquid gypsum’ product on the grounds that has been known to work. But the cost was beyond what my budget allowed. The cost of one year’s worth of applications would be $7,860, and that’s not even considering the added expenses of of time and labor needed to apply the wetting agent about every other month.” Figuring that it was worth a try, he put Magnation to the test on his most problematic campus. He found that Mandarin Vortex could easily be integrated with his existing irrigation set-up at the Discovery School. The product can last for as long as 15 years without needing replacement with a one time investment of $3400. Compared to the $7860 for one application of a wetting solution that would only cover one year, "it was well worth the trial", according to Prine.

The trial results: mandarin Vortex helped soil moisture retention increase 251% with 50% less water. Prine and his crew take monthly samples from different outdoor locations around the Discovery School, outlined in the chart below. Read the entire case study here

“It’s clear to me that this product is doing what I was told it was going to. We have restored our soil and turf back to a healthy condition using half as much water, with the Magnation product. And it’s much more time-and cost-effective than using any type of wetting agent to try to get similar results. The product is already paying for itself after only several months.”