Structured water treatment without chemicals against Limescale, Corrosion And Biofilm in pipes And systems

Improve operational efficiency by 20% by reducing water consumption with less contamination, solve high TDS water and improve froth flotation & separation for mining; better mud mixing for drilling.

With Mandarin Vortex at the pipe the solubility of the soluble parts in the water can be increased.
This means more limescale is soluble in the water and runs off with the water instead of blocking pipes and valves.
The trick here? We use the natural oscillation which is characteristic for every chemical substance. This can be changed to our benefit with superimposing waves.
This method of water treatment doesn't need further chemical additives in the water and no additional energy source is necessary.

Mandarin Vortex: How it works!

The special thing about Mandarin Vortex is that no chemistry is needed to treat the water. This is ideal for drinking water as well as industrial water. No undesired side effects or environmental damage is to be feared.

Instead the physical behavior of water plays an important role. This sounds complicated but is rather simple.

Changing oscillations

Water can carry a certain amount of foreign particles. If this amount is exceeded these particles settle and can form a hard crust. One popular example for this is lime scale. The reason for the behavior of the particles in water is among others how the atoms of water and lime scale move or oscillate.

If this movement is changed, the solubility of foreign substances in the fluid will increase.

The atoms move synchronously, this means that every single atom oscillates just like its neighbor. If an other oscillation is brought into the movement these two can overlay. This is called interference. Thus two different oscillations result in one new. If a oscillation is brought into the fluid specifically this is called active oscillation.

How the oscillation is brought into the fluid or music to my ears.

An illustrative example for this phenomenon is how music (acoustic waves) is transmitted through the air. You are able to hear the music coming from a loudspeaker without touching it. With sufficient volume you even can hear it in an adjoining room, through the wall. Just the same is what the Mandarin Vortex does - it transmits waves or oscillations to the fluid.

By the way: even interference is a phenomenon used for listening to music. To reduce noise and enhance the sound of the music a concept called "anti-sound" is used. Even if this sounds unbelievable - two sounds can result in silence. More explanation by James May.

Mandarin Vortex structured water

Provides qualitative and quantitative benefits

  • Solve high TDS, calcium, magnesium, iron and all hard water problems without chemicals or acid wash
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Corrosion and mineral scale buildup prevention and removal from pumps, pipes, solenoid valves, motor cooling jackets, cooling towers, boilers, wheel washes, pressure washes & other equipment
  • Increased water flow with same pressure due to friction loss; decreased pumping costs
  • Boost froth flotation efficiency for mineral extraction and processing
  • 10-50% less chemicals due to increased solubility and dissolvability
  • Improves water infiltration with less water for efficient drilling
  • Treats rust, iron, iron bacteria
  • Reduces maintenance down-time and expense
  • Extends equipment longevity, including boiler tube life
  • Prevents blockage of spray bars on belting systems
  • No moving parts
  • No filters or parts to replace
  • Reduces or eliminates hard-water deposits
  • Appliances & plumbing parts last longer
  • Dissolves calcium & iron deposits in plumbing lines
  • Prevents & removes scaling

The key parameters that influence the Mandarin Vortex treatment are the velocity of water flow in the pipe and the intensity of magnetic and quartz induction. Mandarin Technologies leads all competitors with top-quality materials and craftsmanship with the most powerful inductions available for a profoundly measurable effect.


fractal water

Mandarin Vortex's Devices typically pay for themselves within maintenance time period, often with a profit, quickly returning your cost of investment. We guarantee your satisfaction with a two-year money back guarantee. Then, year after year, they deliver increased returns by improving production and yield. Proudly designed and sourced in Netherlands as the leader in chemical-free water softening since 2007.


Mandarin Vortex will be of great benefit to industries dealing with freezing, refrigeration, cooling towers or anything else related to the cooling of water. Cooling towers are faced with a number of issues during the process of cooling water, including an increase in bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms in the water, hard water, scale build up, foul odors, and bio film in the distribution system; all of which result in the need for labor intensive maintenance.

Benefits of mandarin Vortex for cooling industries:
  • The elimination or reduction of bacteria in the water, which will lead to the elimination of slime build-up (bio film).
  • Hard water is naturally softened.
  • Mineral build-up or scale deposits throughout the distribution system or on the inner walls of pipes will be eliminated or significantly reduced over time, reducing maintenance needs.
  • Foul odors will also be eliminated with the elimination, or dramatic reduction, of bacteria and other pollutants present in the water.
  • Improvement in the quality of the water.

Any industry which requires water to be cooled or frozen will save money, time and become more sustainable by achieving their cooling more energy efficiently, this is because Structured Water freezes and cools faster than regular water. The quality of ice produced with Structured Water is also of superior quality; it is harder and clearer in appearance.


In a heat exchanger there are different parameters, which are responsible for the build up of deposits. Water with high TDS or other inpurities cause fouling or limescale crusts at the inner surfaces. Which finally require the heat exchanger cleaning. Some factors can not be directly influenced, whilst using a heat exchanger. These are its construction (plate or tubular), the design of the water loop (material, open/closed system, blow down). Nevertheless they have a significant impact on the cycles for heat exchanger cleaning.

What is important for us at mandarin technologies, are the parameters which can be influenced. One of these we focus on is the solubility of foreign substances in the water flow through the heat exchanger bundle. We install Mandarin Vortex at the inlet pipes, depending on the size of the heat exchanger system. Sometimes we even install on both sides, the cooling water side and the product side. Doing this we have a far better performance in critical applications.

In effect foreign substances in the water won't settle, but are transported through the heat exchanger without forming deposits. Thus the surfaces stay clean and biofilm, bacteria and other organisms can't stick to the inner pipes. This means that blocked tubes as showed in the picture are not an issue anymore.

As a result cleaning cycles are enhanced significantly and the heat exchanger cleaning is quite simple as there are no hard crusts inside the pipes.


The use of Mandarin Vortex structured water improves the workability (slump) of concrete containing copper slag up to 50% over control mix due to low water absorption of copper slag and dispersion effect of structured water. Hence, 10-12% of water content could be reduced without compromising the workability of the concrete. Since structured water has improved the flow properties, it could be advantageous to use in SCC mixes as it does not have any setting time issue which is generally found with admixtures used in SCC

The Compressive, Split Tensile and Flexural strength were found maximum in concrete with 85% of Cement +15% of Copper Slag with structured water. Hence replacement could be carried out for effective saving of cement in sustainable construction.

Early significant increase in strength parameters of concrete due to the use of structured water would be helpful for early removal of formwork of concrete. For high rise structures where time is important, the structured water could be the best option for concrete production.