Mandarin Vortex's water moves faster and further.

Reduces friction and viscosity for higher GPM's with less energy.

Mandarin Vortex’s structured water decreases surface tension, reduces friction and viscosity for faster and easier flow. Mandarin's customers have experienced a demonstrated reduction of 10 to 13.5% in pumping energy, coupled with 20% less water needed, for a total pumping energy savings of 12.5 to 16.9%. With less mineral buildup on the interior of pipes, energy savings multiply and flow increases.

Improved flow with reduced energy requirements

Controlled study performed by Marin County (California) Fire Department in 2009 shows Mandarin’s water technology increased the water flow from 450 gallons per minute to 510 gpm—about 13.3% improved flow. It also decreased its pump intake pressure from 100 to 90 psi, pump discharge pressure from 130 to 120 psi, and the pump work rate from 700 to 600 psi. Nozzle pressure remained constant at 80psi .


Increased throw distance

Mandarin Vortex increases throw distance due to friction loss, improves well drilling and lessens the need for chemicals. Reach more area with less pumping energy.

Big gun throw distance comparison conducted by Lee Fintel, Superior Nebraska. Pressure consistent at 97 psi with control and Mandarin Vortex trial. The result was increased throw distance from 133 feet to 143 feet after Mandarin Vortex installation. This equates to an approximately 8% increase in zone gain, with same pressure.

Increased flow with less pressure

  • 12.5% to 16.9% pumping energy savings
  • Reduced viscosity and friction with zero chemicals
  • Increased permeability for well drilling
  • Decreased pumping costs
  • Further throw distance
  • Improved water flow
  • Reduced chemicals