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Inspired by nature, Mandarin Technologies has researched and taken an initiative in mimicking the nature’s way of energising, refreshing and purifying water through the use of a process called structuring. All in all, Mandarin Technologies plays with the structure of the atoms and places them carefully to give structured water. Mandarin Water Structuring Unit's unique design achieves the natural spiraling motions and hydrologic cycles of water, creating a measurable increase in water's ability to hydrate and nourish plant and animal tissues, increase nutrients in soil and conserve water.

Structured water ensures healthier plants, animals and human beings. Mandarin structured water units can create soft water without taking the life-enhancing minerals like calcium and magnesium out of the water. Mandarin Technologies uses bio nutrients like rare earth minerals and quartz compression to produce radiant energy frequencies that effectively reduce the surface tension and cluster size of water.


We at Mandarin Technologies feel proud to call ourselves trendsetters in water conservation, skywater conservation and reuse, through our application of ground-breaking knowledge together with technological expertise. The company offers radical, efficient technology based tools to supply much needed water resources for home and commercial use. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a trailblazing organization in the field of water recycling, reuse and storage solutions. Our intensive research practices have been yielding products that completely overhaul the whole spectrum of irrigational practices currently used. Our products are already taking the market by storm. We have triumphantly completed several projects, changing the lives of millions of people all over the world. Our projects are now successfully running at various locations across europe,America and our products are now being manufactured in middle east based in Egypt.

Our Vision

- Sufficiently informed, you empower yourself to know what's best for you.
- To transform the quality of life by providing healthy and energized structured water to all living forms such as humans, plants and animals through our cutting-edge structured water units.

Our Mission

- To offer our customers affordable and world-class structured water units that enhance overall health and wellness by offering healthy and energized structured water at all times.
- To help agriculturists and farmers improve their yield and increase production per drop of water.
- To ensure that dairy and poultry farmers benefit with better yield and produce.
- To improve the quality of water in households and thus contribute to a healthy society.

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